MySQL 5.1.22-rcがリリースされました。

ポピュラーなオープンソースデータベースの5.1"リリース候補"バージョンである、MySQL Server 5.1.22-rcリリースを誇りに思います。


これがまだ「候補」であることに留意し、そしてどのプレリリース版と同様に、製品レベルにシステムやクリティカルなデータを持つシステムに使用する際には注意してください。MySQL5.0を使用した製品レベルのシステムであれば、次のMySQL Enterpriseの製品説明に注目してください。




MySQL 5.1.22-rcリリースは、ダウンロードサイト(http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/)とミラーサイトで、ソースとバイナリ形式が入手可能です。全てのミラーサイトが現在最新版でないことに注意してください。もし、ミラーサイトにてこのバージョンが見当たらない場合は、後ほど再度ダウンロードを試みるか、他のダウンロードサイトを選択してください。








Functionality added or changed:
   * There is a new innodb_autoinc_lock_mode system variable to
     configure the locking behavior that InnoDB uses for generating
     auto-increment values. The default behavior now is slightly
     different from before, which involves a minor incompatibility
     for multiple-row inserts that specify an explicit value for
     the  auto-increment column in some but not all rows.
     This can be used to improve scalability and performance, see
     Section, "How AUTO_INCREMENT Handling Works in InnoDB.":

Bugs fixed:
   * NDB  Cluster:  Backups  of  TIMESTAMP  columns made with
     ndb_restore on a MySQL Cluster using data nodes hosts of one
     endian could not be used to restore the cluster's data to data
     node hosts of the other endian.
   * NDB Cluster (Replication): Multi-master replication setups did
     not      handle      --log-slave-updates      correctly.
   * When sorting rows in an INNODB table using a primary key,
     where the sort was on the the primary key column and the DESC
     operator was applied, the rows would be incorrectly sorted if
     you included a simple WHERE field = value clause in the query.
   * Replication of InnoDB partitioned tables could lose updates
     with    row-based    or    mixed   replication   format.
   * mysql_install_db  could  fail  to find its message file.
   * Non-range  queries of the form SELECT ... FROM ... WHERE
     keypart_1=const, ..., keypart_n=const ORDER BY ... FOR UPDATE
     sometimes were unnecessarily blocked waiting for a lock if
     another transaction was using SELECT ... FOR UPDATE on the
     same table. (Bug#28570:http://bugs.mysql.com/28570)
   * Under some circumstances, a UDF initialization function could
     be      passed      incorrect      argument     lengths.
   * CONNECTION_ID() always returned 0 for the embedded server
     (libmysqld). (Bug#30389:http://bugs.mysql.com/30389)
   * The  mysql_list_fields()  C API function incorrectly set
     MYSQL_FIELD::decimals    for    some    view    columns.
   * Read lock requests that were blocked by a pending write lock
     request  were  not  allowed  to proceed if the statement
     requesting     the     write     lock     was    killed.
   * Memory corruption occurred for some queries with a top-level
     OR operation in the WHERE condition if they contained equality
     predicates and other sargable predicates in disjunctive parts
     of the condition. (Bug#30396:http://bugs.mysql.com/30396)
   * The server created temporary tables for filesort operations in
     the working directory, not in the directory specified by the
     tmpdir system variable.
   * Using KILL QUERY or KILL CONNECTION to kill a SELECT statement
     caused  a  server  crash if the query cache was enabled.
   * Operations that used the time zone replicated the time zone
     only for successful operations, but did not replicate the time
     zone    for    errors    that    need    to   know   it.
   * mysqldump from the MySQL 5.1.21 distribution could not be used
     to  create  a  dump from a MySQL 5.1.20 or older server.
   * When using a combination of HANDLER... READ and DELETE on a
     table, MySQL continued to open new copies of the table every
     time, leading to an exhaustion of file descriptors. This was
     caused in MySQL 5.1.15 by a fix for
    Bug#21587:http://bugs.mysql.com/21587;  the current fix
     consists     of     reverting     the    earlier    fix.
   * Tables  using  the  InnoDB  storage  engine  incremented
     AUTO_INCREMENT  values incorrectly with ON DUPLICATE KEY
     UPDATE. (Bug#28781:http://bugs.mysql.com/28781)