MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.21が利用可能です


MySQLデータベースシステムのための、ODBCドライバーの新しいバージョンであるMySQL Connector/ODBC 3.5.21がリリースされました。このリリースは3.51シリーズの最新版であり、MySQL4.1、5.0、5.1を含む全てのMySQLのバージョンでも使用できます。






Platform notes:

* There are no installer packages for Microsoft Windows x64 Edition.
* There is no binary package for Mac OS X on 64-bit PowerPC because Apple does not currently
provide a 64-bit PowerPC version of iODBC.
* The HP-UX 11.23 IA64 binary package does not include the GUI bits because of problems
building Qt on that platform
Changes since the last release:
Bugs fixed:

* The wrong value was returned for SQL_DESC_LITERAL_PREFIX and SQL_DESC_LITERAL_SUFFIX
for date-time fields. (Bug #31009)

* The wrong SQLSTATE was reported when the connection to the server was lost. (Bug #3456)

* SQLDescribeCol() incorrectly reported whether auto-increment and some timestamp fields were
nullable. (Bug #26108)
* SQLGetTypeInfo() reported the wrong column size for the SQL_TYPE_TIME type. (Bug #30939)

* Empty selection for database and character set comboboxes in setup were set to " " instead of
an empty string. (Bug #30568)
* Fixed incorrect input requirement in the setup dialog. (Bug #30499)

* Added SQLSetParam function and fixed handling of buffer length in SQLBindParameter.
(Bug #29871)

* Fixed SQLSetPos that generated incorrect INSERT statement for result columns without bound
data buffers. (Bug #31246)