DBD::mysql 4.003がリリースされました。


DBD::mysql 4.003がリリースされました。このリリースは多くのバグ修正を含んでいます。



file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.003.tar.gz
size: 121582 bytes
md5: 157f817d26a52aaaff61ce38f7043b95


* Fix re-exec of Makefile.PL when forcing $ENV{LANG} to 'C'. (RT #25233,
reported by Slaven Rezic)
* Rewrote table_info method to support all arguments (previously it
would only ever return all of the tables in the current database, no
matter what was specified)
* Fixed $DBD::mysql::VERSION to be a string instead of a float, which
caused problems for certain locales
* Fixed bug #23974. $dbh->column_info now returns a statement handle
with no rows.  Much thanks to Tim Bunce for help fixing the problem in
mysql.pm vs. dbdimp.c
* Removed #ifdefs for do error (sqlstate being passed as last arg
depending on version)
* Fixed insertid test to work with auto_increment_increment replication
* Patch from Tim Bunce fixing do() not set $dbh->{Statement} attribute,
which prevented DBD::Profile from giving correct results for calls to
do() and causing ShowErrorStatement to possibly report the wrong
statement in the error message
* Patch from Tim Bunce clearing out the sth attribute cache when
switching between result, sets which prevented the adjustedment of
* Cleanup of several unused variables
* Added support for wildcards in last argument of column_info().
* Add mysql_is_auto_increment to results of column_info(). (Bug #26603,
original patch from Dave Rolsky)
* Return the correct table type for both tables and views from the
table_info() method. (Bug #26603, original patch from Dave Rolsky)
* Add implementation of foreign_key_info() (Bug #26604, original patch
from Dave Rolsky, and final implementation based on Connector/J code)

Thanks for bug reporting from

Slaven Rezic RT #25233
Allard Hoeve and others alerting me to problems with version being
changed from a string, which caused local issues for those who use ','
instead of '.' for decimal.