Connector/Net 6.0アルファ版がリリースされました。


MySQL用の全てが管理された.NETドライバの新バージョンであるMySQL Connector/Net 6.0.0がリリースされました。MySQL Connector/Net 6.0.0はアルファ版であり、計画中の新機能と機能強化の紹介が目的です。本リリースは本番環境で使用しないでください。

本リリースでは3つの主な目標があります。スピード、Entity Frameworkのサポート、およびよりすぐれたVisual Studioの技術です。3つを全て報告できることを嬉しく思います。以下の完全な変更リストを見てください。

MySQL Connector/Net 6.0.0は、http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/net/6.0.htmlおよびミラーサイトから、ソースコード及び多くのプラットフォームのためのバイナリで現在利用可能です。




- Massive speedups.  We have increased the speed of the provider.  In
many situations it now matches or exceeds the speed of the native C
- SQL tokenizing has been improved dramatically.  Not only is it
substantially faster (approx 40%) it also now uses a completely
rewritten tokenizer that supports all types of stored procedure comments.
- Added UDF schema collection
- Implement initial Entity Framework support (see below)
- Improved Visual Studio integration (see below)

Entity Framework support
Yes, we are late to the party but we are here.  I apologize for the
delays related to this release and I hope that those of you looking to
use MySQL with the entity framework will still want to give us a look. 
This releases uses a entity framework engine that was completely
developed in-house and is, therefore, licensed in exactly the same way
as our core provider.  Please remember that this is an alpha release and
we are certain that you will find databases that will not
reverse-engineer correctly or you will build models or queries that will
not generate correctly. Please file those as bug reports and include all
the information you can.  We'll quickly get to those as we are going to
move as quickly as possible to GA.

Visual Studio improvements
Even though these improvements did not make the cutoff for this alpha,
you will see them in the next drop.  We have completely rewritten our
Visual Studio integration bits and are delivering several exciting
features with it.  Here's a look at some of those features:

1.  Now uses the same toolbars and commands as SQL Server so the
integration is much more seamless.
2.  Uses the native code editor which means code splitting and syntax
3.  Change script generation
4.  And many more smaller features.....