MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0 Release 17(Windows用)がダウンロード可能です。


レガシーなGUI Toolのバンドルの新たなリリースをお知らせします。本リリースはWindowsのみのリリースであり、多くのバグ修正を含んでいます。バンドル用ソースコードは、Launchpad.netで利用可能です。以下のコマンドを使用して、Bazaarクライアントに出てくる組み込みLaunchpadプラグインを使用して、branchをコピーできます。

bzr branch lp:mysql-administrator
bzr branch lp:mysql-querybrowser
bzr branch lp:mysql-migrationtool
bzr branch lp:mysql-gui-common


MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0は、MySQL 4.1/5.0サーバに対するMySQL GUI toolを含むバンドルパッケージであり、以下の製品で構成されています。

MySQL Administrator 1.2.17 GA
MySQL Query Browser 1.2.17 GA
MySQL Migration Toolkit 1.1.17 GA

また、MySQL GUI Tools for 5.0は、MySQLサーバの設定、管理、動作を行なうためのグラフィカルツールを提供しています。







Bugs worked on:
-Bug #35092    entering text in SQL Query Area in overwrite mode 
produces strange results
-Bug #42462    Query Browser crashes (or becomes very slow) 
displaying mediumtext fields
-Bug #28828    View recreated as a table from backup insted of an 
-Bug #29453    Log After Fetching Schema shows passwords.
-Bug #27250    Comment backcolor shown on non-commented lines
-Bug #27162    Edit Table menu item on table starting with upper case 
letter results in error
-Bug #29410    Fast double click highlighting fails
-Bug #39507    Complete backup not enabled by default
-Bug #26729    acces violation with ""choose option file"" (startup 
variables) when no file exist
-Bug #26757    table creator: discard changes on not existing table 
doesnt work
-Bug #26911    Need more specific wording in delete confirmation 
dialog for backup project.
-Bug #27074    Syntax font color gremlin - triage meeting - Customer 
support in #workbench
-Bug #27094    grants not shown for non-lowercase-named procedures
-Bug #23746    MySQL System Tray Monitor can not start/stop mysql 
service in Vista OS
-Bug #28472    cannot close split tab (not finished) - Radio Sakila
-Bug #28472    cannot close split tab
-Bug #29003    Controls disappear on ALT key
-Bug #29220    Access violation when querying before schema loads
-Bug #29403    Double clicking non-default DB collapses table tree
-Bug #29404    Confirm Table Edit window is not child of Table Editor 
-Bug #29670    Double clicking deactivated SP fails to qualify itself
-Bug #30054    GUI Executables do not include Vista manifests
-Bug #30920    In Administrator, stored procedures are corrupted or 
deleted after an error
-Bug #32703    Renamimg scheduled backup creates new
-Bug #32736    SQL treated as a comment
-Bug #33351    No hourglass while selecting backup content
-Bug #35587    QB needs a hourglas when pasting large data
-Bug #33157    UI Executing proc steals focus
-Bug #28821    Scheduled backups creates .logs in [c:\]
-Bug #26748    german localisation for Adminstrator and query Browser
-Bug #26797    Installing new service has incorrect file paths
-Bug #38089    Can't interupt lengthy backup
-Bug #27435    Error on restoring database with Administrator
-Bug #27631    out of memory
-Bug #28314    Wrongly update the user password
-Bug #28391    Adding new host for user clears all passwords for that 
-Bug #31894    mysql administrator add user global privileges
-Bug #42399    Mysql Admin conflict with hMailServerMySQL
-Bug #24869    Mysql Administrator shows bad nuber of rows in a tables
-Bug #41152    Primary Key of INT(N) in Catalog Edit Table is 
incorrectly displayed as INTEGER
-Bug #35549    Mysql 5.0.26-community-nt-log||Not Detecting Ram
-Bug #41150    'Number of SQL Queries' displays the wrong variable
-Bug #37547    Text Overwrite (toggled by the insert key) does not 
function properly
-Bug #38132    Mysql Administrator launches modal dialogs behind 
Mysql Table Editor window
-Bug #12538    Show schema privileges when database icon clicked as 
well as text
-Bug #22439    Administrator can not (does not) set default-collation 
-Bug #42717    Changing tabs won't set focus to editor
-Bug #28693    Can't add/edit rows in tables containing the word 
-Bug #27822    Wrong Character Position Calculation in Query Area
-Bug #28930    consistant memory leak when executing simple query
-Bug #29395    MySQL Migration Toolkit fails with JRE1.6
-Bug #33738    My MySQL Browser & Administrator do not use kerning 
when editing SPs&Functions
-Bug #29597    mysql tools can be lost with no hope of retrieving 
them, ever.
-Bug #16176    Syntax window on MySQL QB missing MySQL 5 syntax updates
-Bug #42290    Execution of 'drop trigger if exists' fails if not 
-Bug #33954    QB saves only in defacto standard UTF-8
-Bug #27554    screencolor
-Bug #27572    Unclear error message during non-root login with 
""SHOW DATABASES"" disabled
-Bug #26682    Explain button disabled after Compare button clicked
-Bug #26723    Save display for Script window inconsistent
-Bug #26839    Connection name in application bar disappears
-Bug #26847    Cannot view log files
-Bug #27822    Wrong Character Position Calculation in Query Area
-Bug #31675    GB values not honored in MySQL Administrator
-Bug #42952    Can't logon
-Bug #35146    Error on restoring a Procedure or Function
-Bug #34316    Restore failed on successfully backed up functions
-Bug #34603    Buggy mysql-administrator-template.po in trunk.
-Bug #43056    View won't be restored correct
-Bug #43085    misleading error message
-Bug #28564    Importing of dump of mysql database made by MySQL 
Administrator fails
-Bug #26809    Copyright year in Query Browser About wndow

- Fix for MA backup problem with views containing only one column
- Changed Vista manifest UAC setting from requireAdministrator to 
asInvoker to avoid frequent questions from UAC. Admin rights are only 
needed to manipulate services or config files. Apps can be started as 
administrator to make this working (e.g. via Explorer context menu).