MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.3 GA がリリースされました


MySQL Connector/Python v1.2.3はパイソンで書かれたMySQL用のデータベースドライバーです。 Connector/Python 1.2の初めてのGA(General Availability)版となります。

MySQL5.5以上と、Phython 2.6、2.7、そして3.2以上でサポートされています。

MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.3は

MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.3の変更の要約は配布物内の変更履歴に含まれています。より完全な変更のリストはもしくはオンラインで確認してください。

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python 1.2.3 (2014-08-22)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * Connector/Python is now compatible with Django 1.7. (Bug
        #72746, Bug #19225481)

    Bugs Fixed

      * Negative timedelta values were incorrectly converted to and
        from Python. Thanks to Vitali Graf for the patch. (Bug #72493,
        Bug #18694096)

      * Fetching results from a prepared statement that returned many
        columns could produce an error. (Bug #72602, Bug #18742429)

      * Previously, a RuntimeError exception was raised when a Django
        application was inactive for a while. Now, the Django backend
        verifies that the database connection is still valid each time
        a database request is made. (Bug #72545, Bug #18843153)

      * Django TimeField values of 00:00:00 were incorrectly converted
        to NULL because Python considered that value equal to False.
        (Bug #72732, Bug #18956789)

      * An exception was raised when a cursor tried to convert
        LINESTRING data as UTF-8 data. Now such values are returned
        without decoding. (Bug #73187, Bug #19164627)

      * With Python 2, Connector/Python could truncate digits of
        floating-point values. (Bug #73266, Bug #19225481)