MySQL Community Server 5.1.72がリリースされました


最も普及しているオープンソースデータベース管理システムの新バージョンMySQL Community Server 5.1.72がリリースされました。MySQL 5.1.72は、プロダクションシステムでの使用をお勧めします。

MySQL 5.1の新機能の概要については、以下を参照してください。


新たなサーバにMySQL 5.1.72をインストール、または以前のMySQLリリースからMySQL 5.1.61にアップグレードする際の情報については、以下を参照してください。







MySQL 5.1に関するオープンな問題の情報については、以下のエラッタリストを参照してください。





Changes in MySQL 5.1.72 (September 20, 2013)

Bugs Fixed

* InnoDB: The row_sel_sec_rec_is_for_clust_rec function would
incorrectly prepare to compare a NULL column prefix in a
secondary index with a non-NULL column in a clustered index.
(Bug #17312846)

* InnoDB: An incorrect purge would occur when rolling back an
update to a delete-marked record. (Bug #17302896)

* InnoDB: InnoDB would rename a user-defined foreign key
constraint containing the string "_ibfk_" in its name,
resulting in a duplicate constraint. (Bug #17076737, Bug
#69693, Bug #17076718, Bug #69707)

* InnoDB: Rolling back an INSERT after a failed BLOB write would
result in an assertion failure. The assertion has been
modified to allow NULL BLOB pointers if an error occurs during
a BLOB write. (Bug #16971045)

* InnoDB: The srv_master_thread background thread, which
monitors server activity and performs activities such as page
flushing when the server is inactive or in a shutdown state,
runs on a one second delay loop. srv_master_thread would fail
to check if the server is in a shutdown state before sleeping.
(Bug #13417564, Bug #63276)

* InnoDB: An infinite loop could occur in buf_page_get_gen when
handling compressed-only pages. (Bug #12560151, Bug #61132)

* Within a stored program, comparison of the value of a scalar
subquery with an IN clause resulted in an error for the first
execution and raised an assertion for the second execution.
(Bug #17029399)

* The my_strtoll10() function could incorrectly convert some
long string-format numbers to numeric values and fail to set
the overflow flag. (Bug #16997513)

* For queries that accessed an INFORMATION_SCHEMA table in a
subquery, and attempt to lock a mutex that had already been
locked could cause a server crash. (Bug #11765744)

* For DIV expressions, assignment of the result to multiple
variables could cause a server crash. (Bug #59241, Bug
References: See also Bug #8457.

* mysqldump wrote SET statements as SET OPTION, which failed
when reloaded because the deprecated OPTION keyword has been
removed from SET syntax. (Bug #67507, Bug #15844882)

* If one connection changed its default database and
simultaneously another connection executed SHOW PROCESSLIST,
the second connection could access invalid memory when
attempting to display the first connection's default database.
memory. (Bug #58198, Bug #11765252)