MySQL Connector/Net 5.0.8がリリースされました。


MySQL用の全てが管理された.NETドライバの新バージョンであるMySQL Connector/Net 5.0.8がリリースされました。







- Fixed problem where log messages were truncated at 300 characters.
(bug #28706)

- Fixed a problem with compression over a network.  We were letting the
inflate stream read
   directly from the network stream.  Under certain situations, two
bytes were being left unread
   and this messed up our byte counts.  Now we are using a WeakReference
to an internal buffer
   that we read the compressed data into before inflating. (Bug #28204)
- Fixed problem where we were not closing prepared statement handles
   when commands are disposed.  This could lead to using up all prepared
statement handles on the server.

- Fixed problem where any attempt to not read all the records returned
   from a select where each row of the select is greater than 1024 bytes
   would hang the driver.

- Fixed problem where usage advisor warnings for unnecessary field
   and not reading all rows of a resultset would output even if you
   did not request usage advisor warnings. (Bug #29124)

- Changed behavior of ConnectionString property.  It now only returns
the connection
   string given to it.  It will not attempt to track changes to the current
   database when the users uses the ChangeDatabase method. (Bug #29123)

- Fixed problem with calling stored procedures in databases that have
   in their names.  We were not using backticks to quote the database
and sproc name
   when querying for metadata. (Bug #29526)

- Fixed problem where a statement that has parameters that is executed
   defining those parameters would throw a System.FormatException rather
   a MySqlException (bug #29312
- Fixed problem where a command timing out just after it actually
finished would cause
   an exception to be thrown on the command timeout thread which would
then be seen
   as an unhandled exception.

- Fixed bug where Connecor/Net was hand building some date time patterns
rather than using
   the patterns provided under CultureInfo.  This caused problems with
some calendars that do
   not support the same ranges as Gregorian.  (Bug #29931)

- Fixed problem where MySqlConnection.BeginTransaction checked the drivers
   status var before checking if the connection was open.  The result
was that the
   driver could report an invalid condition on a previously opened
- Fixed problem where an attempt to open a connection max pool size
times while
   the server is down will prevent any further attempts due to the pool
   being full. (Bug #29409
- Fixed some serious issues with command timeout and cancel that could
   as exceptions about thread ownership.  The issue was that not all
   cancel the same.  Some produce resultsets while others don't. 
   had to be changed to check for this.

- Fixed problem where date columns that appear in keys caused updates to
   fail (bug #30077)

- Added code to suppress finalizers for low level socket objects and then
   added a finalizer to the protocol object so pooled connections will get
   closed on process exit 
- Fixed problem where attempting to load a reader into a datatable using
a table
   with a multi-column primary key would result in multiple constraints
being added
   to the datatable. No test case added to the 1.0 tree as loading a
   with a reader is a .Net 2.0 thing. (Bug #30204)

- Fixed the database schema collection so that it works on servers that
are not properly
   respecting the lower_case_table_names setting. 
- Moved installer to Inno Setup