MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.0アルファ版がリリースされました。


MySQL用の全てが管理された.NETドライバの新バージョンであるMySQL Connector/Net 5.1.0がリリースされました。

************* 重要 ********************

これは重要なリリースであり、製品をパッケージする方法の変更を示しています。今まで、個別のダウンロードとしてcore providerおよびVisual
Studioの統合ビットを発送してきました。これが少し問題になってきています。VSパッケージとcore providerの両方における変更コードを含んだバグを
私達はしばしば修正しようとします。このことにより、バグ修正の効果を確認のために、両製品ともにユーザがアップグレードしなければならないというバージョン問題が発生しました。この解決のため、個別の製品としてのVisual Studio用ツールを廃止し、新たなConnector/Netインストーラ内にツールを統合することに決定しました。このことにより、ユーザがより独創的な技術を味わって頂くよう願っています。
この製品をインストールする前に、Visual Studio用ツールの以前のバージョン全てをアンインストールする必要があります。





Functionality Changes or Enhancements
* Added Membership and Role provider contributed by Sean Wright (thanks!)
These providers allow MySQL to be used with the membership and role
services built in to ASP.Net 2.0.  Documentation for the new bits was
not finished at the time of packaging so we'll post an article to the
information sources listed below shortly after the release.

* Compact Framework 2.0 support now included.
Compact framework support is now included.  The installer now includes
an option to install a compact framework compatible assembly.  This
assembly is compatible with .NETCF 2.0.  We will look at providing a
.NET CF 1.1 compatible binary in a future release.  To use this
assembly, create a Smart Device project and include the assembly as a

* Rewrote stored procedure parsing code using a new SQL tokenizer.
This means that really nasty procedures including nested comments are
now supported.

* GetSchema will now report objects relative to the currently selected
Previously, passing in a null value for the database restriction would
return all objects across all databases.  This version will instead
report only the objects that are located in your currently selected

* Visual Studio integration is now shipped as an installable component
of Connector/Net.
Please see the note above for the justification.

* New compact framework sample provides basic NUnit support.
In order to test our provider, we needed a type of nunit test runner
that would work on the compact framework.  To this end, we've written
and included a new sample application that does this.  It's called
Tester and can be found under the Pocket PC samples directory.  Using it
is very easy.  Simply load up the project, build it, and deploy it to an
emulator or a real device.  We don't claim to be fully NUnit compatible;
just that it runs our test suite acceptably.

* Stored procedures now work with the SqlDataSource wizard or the
TableAdapter wizard.

Bugs fixed:
There are not bug fixes specific to this release, however this release
includes all bugfixes contained that has been committed to the 5.0.7
tree at the time this release was cut.

Where to get information.

.NET forum:http://forums.mysql.com/list.php?38
.NET mailing list: http://lists.mysql.com/dotnet
Reggie's blog:http://www.bytefx.com/blog
Planet MySQL:http://www.planetmysql.org/