DBD::mysql 4.001がリリースされました。


DBD::mysql 4.001がリリースされました。この修正は、4.00の直後に行なっています。そして、フィードバック用として少しバージョンを変更しました。このリリースではrt.cpan.orgで解決していなかった多くのバグを修正しています。


file: $CPAN/authors/id/C/CA/CAPTTOFU/DBD-mysql-4.001.tar.gz
size: 116965 bytes
md5: f1c70b2760365300873ccfa59cefceb2


Per ChangeLog:

* Fix handling of unsigned integer values in result sets when using

  server-side prepared statements (they were not retrieved at all).

* Fix handling of signed integer values when using server-side prepared

  statements (they were being forced to unsigned values).

* Do not tell Perl that the contents of binary fields are UTF-8.

  [rt.cpan.org #22123], original patch by Joost Diepenmaat

* Fix double-free of bound parameters when freeing statements. (Bug #20559)

* Make sure to handle "magical" values in a couple of places. (Bug #20104)

* Update the hints about what to do when zlib is found missing while

  linking. (Bug #13803, reported by Philip Stoev)

* Explicitly initialize the MySQL client library to avoid possible race

  conditions in a multithreaded application. (Bug #21792)

* Fix warning when no connection attributes are passed to the connect

  method (Bug #17323, reported by Phil Randal)

* Removed redundant warnings when commit or rollback is called while

  AutoCommit is enabled. [rt.cpan.org #15802], reported by Tyler MacDonald

* Report correct type for decimal columns from MySQL 5.0 and later

  [rt.cpan.org #18294], reported by Ray Zimmerman

* Fix t/40bindparam.t to work when ANSI_QUOTES SQL_MODE is set.

  [rt.cpan.org #21521], reported by David Wheeler

* Return a statement handle with an error when column_info is called on

  a table that does not exist. (Bug #23974, patch by Philip Stoev)

* Fix handling of table names with characters that did not match /\w/ in

  the column_info method. (Bug #22005, reported by Philip Stoev)

* Fix handling of negative integers bound to a column marked as SQL_INTEGER.

  [rt.cpan.org #18976], patch from Mike Schilli.

* Add support for the primary_key_info method. [rt.cpan.org #8541]

* Fixed Bundle::DBD::mysql to only include modules required for using

  DBD::mysql, not the old Mysql package. [rt.cpan.org #24096]

* Updated Makefile.PL to not include files in .svn directories

* Fixed various compile warnings in mysql.xs (ISO C)

* Cleaned up stored procedure examples, made strict

* Fixed bug that blew away subsequent result sets if you fetched all rows, only in  result sets that had more than one row

* Added test for bug #14979http://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=14979, which still fails

* Tested with ALL mysql versions, fixed 40types, 40bind_param tests to work with 4.0, 4.1

* Fixed dbdimp.c to not test for MYSQL_DATA_TRUNCATED unless >= mysql 5.0

* Tested with all versions - 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1