MySQL Connector/Net 5.0.3GAがリリースされました。


MySQL用の全てが管理された.NETドライバの新バージョンであるMySQL Connector/Net 5.0.3GAがリリースされました。




Changes since 5.0.2

  Bugs fixed
  Bug #23687 Deleting a connection to a disconnected server causes a failed
  Bug #24565 Inferring DbType fails when reusing commands and the first time
the value is null
  Bug #24661 mysql-connector-net-5.0.2-beta Driver.IsTooOld() Error....
  Bug #23905 Stored procedure usages is not thread safe
  Bug #25033 Exception raised/ HANG if no SELECT privileges granted for
stored procedure call
      [this is a correction;  a previous change log entry indicated that
       no longer required select privs on mysql database.  This is not true
and select privs
       are required. This will be fixed when the server exposes procedure
parameters via
       information schema.]
  Bug #25013 Return Value parameter not found
  Bug #25151 Reading from the stream has failed Exception in MySQL Connector
  Bug #22400 Nested transactions

  Other changes
  SSL now working.  [Thanks Alessandro Muzzetta]
  Fixed ViewColumns GetSchema collection
  Improved CommandBuilder.DeriveParameters to use the procedure cache if

We have added a new connection string option named 'Ignore Prepare'.  It is
a boolean option and its default value is true.  This option, when true,
instructs the provider to ignore any calls to MySqlCommand.Prepare().  We
decided to do this because we have discovered some inconsistencies with
server side prepared statements  which can lead to incorrect or damaging
results.  If you are sure you want to use server-side prepared statements,
then you can add 'ignore prepare=false' to your connection string and it
will behave as before.

Highlights of the 5.0.x Connector/Net releases:

* Support for ADO.Net 2.0 interfaces and subclasses

* Re-architected to improve speed and flexibility
The internals of the provider have been improved to allow column values to
be retrieved without boxing in many cases. Also, the internal changes have
enabled the future inclusion of embedded and client library support.

* Implemented Usage Advisor
The Usage Advisor first appeared in Connector/J. We have now implemented
that feature in Connector/Net. Enabling it causes the provider to check
both your queries and how you read the results and report to you if it
thinks you are using the provider in an inefficient manner. It checks such
things as using a query without an index, not reading all the columns or
rows from a resultset, etc.

* Implemented asynchronous query methods
The MySqlCommand object now supports asynchronous queries. This is
implemented using the BeginExecuteNonQuery and EndExecuteNonQuery methods.
BeginExecuteReader and EndExecuteReader are now included.

* Implemented stored procedure metadata caching
We now cache the metadata that is retrieved during stored procedure and
stored function execution. This cache data is used for subsequent
executions of that stored routine.

* Added PerfMon hooks
This release includes PerfMon hooks to monitor stored procedure cache hits
and misses. We are looking at adding additional hooks in the first beta

* Removed use of SharpZipLib library
We have replaced use of the SharpZipLib library with the deflate support
available with .NET 2.0.

Support for embedded server and client library has been removed
For those of you that have seen my presentations on 5.0, we decided to
remove these features to help get 5.0 out the door more quickly. These
features will reappear in a later version of the product.