MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.7が利用可能です


MySQLデータベース管理システム用ODBCドライバの新バージョンである、MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.7がリリースされました。このリリースは、5.1シリーズの最新リリースであり、MySQL 4.1以降のすべてのバージョンで使用可能です(4.0あるいはそれ以前のリリースでは動作しません。)






Functionality added or changed:
* Options in the GUI are grouped on named tabs.
* Added connection option INTERACTIVE that tells driver that client is
interactive and interactive_timeout has to be used. (Bug #48603)
* Added parameters arrays support. (Bug #48310)
* SQLTables uses now INFORMATION_SCHEMA. Added connection option to use
old code. (Bug #43644)
* Added GUI options for MIN_DATE_TO_ZERO and ZERO_DATE_TO_MIN connection
options. (Bug #30539)

Bugs fixed:
* If NO_BACKSLASH_ESCAPES mode is used on a server, escaping binary data
can lead to server query parsing errors. (Bug #49029)
* Error if unsupported client character set is encountered(for wchar
data). (Bug #36996)
* Binding bit field to a numeric types doesn't work. (Bug #32821)
* Conversion flags are not complete. (Bug #43855)
* SQL_ATTR_MAX_ROWS make some SELECT statement invalid. (Bug #49726)
* Certain column attributes aren't correct for date columns. (Bug 44576)
* SQLPrepare causes Prefetch of table. (Bug #46411)
* If there are foreign key constraints with same name for tables with
same names in 2 schemas, SQLForeignKeys can return rows for both
schemas in query about one of those tables. (Bug #49660)
* SQLForeignKeys included in results rows for foreign keys pointing to
unique fields (Bug #51422)
* SQLPrimaryKeys returns mangled strings. (Bug #36441)
* Spaces in connection string aren't removed (Bug #45378)
* SQLColumns returns wrong transfer octet length. (Bug #53235)
* Retrieving of current catalog at the moment when connection is not
ready for that(broken, not all pending results processed) leads to
application crash. (Bug #46910)
* SQLForeignKeys unacceptable performance getting imported FK. (Bug
* SQLTablePrivileges requires SELECT privilege on mysql database. (Bug
* Column octet length includes terminating null byte. (Bug #54206)
* Wrong type returned by SQLColAttribute(SQL_DESC_PRECISION...) in
64-bit systems. (Bug #55024)

Built against the client library from MySQL 5.1.46sp1