MySQL Community Server 5.0.88がリリースされました


最も普及しているオープンソースデータベース管理システムの新バージョンであるMySQL Community Server 5.0.88がリリースされました。MySQL Community Server 5.0リリースシリーズにおける本リリースと以降のリリースは、MySQL Enterprise Serverのカウンターパートに対応するバージョン番号を共有します。





以下のセクションは、以前のリリースであるMySQL Community Server 5.0.87以来のMySQLソースコードにおけるバージョン間の変更を記載しています。


あなたが使用するバージョンおよび機能と関係のある修正に関するより詳細かつ個別の更新アラートを受けたい場合、MySQL Enterpriseへの申し込みを検討してください。(商用でMySQLが提供しています)。より詳細な個別の修正情報は以下を参照してください。



C.1.1. Changes in MySQL 5.0.88

Bugs fixed:

* Security Fix: MySQL clients linked against OpenSSL did not
check server certificates presented by a server linked against
yaSSL. (Bug#47320: http://bugs.mysql.com/47320)

* MySQL Cluster: When a data node had written its GCI marker to
the first page of a megabyte, and that node was later killed
during restart after having processed that page (marker) but
before completing a LCP, the data node could fail with
filesystem errors. (Bug#44952: http://bugs.mysql.com/44952)
See also Bug#42564: http://bugs.mysql.com/42564,
Bug#44291: http://bugs.mysql.com/44291.

* Replication: When a session was closed on the master,
temporary tables belonging to that session were logged with
the wrong database names when either of the following
conditions was true:

1. The length of the name of the database to which the
temporary table belonged was greater than the length of
the current database name.

2. The current database was not set.
(Bug#48216: http://bugs.mysql.com/48216)
See also Bug#46861: http://bugs.mysql.com/46861,
Bug#48297: http://bugs.mysql.com/48297.

* Error handling was missing for SELECT statements containing
subqueries in the WHERE clause and that assigned a SELECT
result to a user variable. The server could crash as a result.
(Bug#48291: http://bugs.mysql.com/48291)

* An assertion could fail if the optimizer used a SPATIAL index.
(Bug#48258: http://bugs.mysql.com/48258,
Bug#47019: http://bugs.mysql.com/47019)

* mysys/mf_keycache.c requires threading, but no test was made
for thread support. (Bug#47923: http://bugs.mysql.com/47923)

* If the first argument to GeomFromWKB() function was a geometry
value, the function just returned its value. However, it
failed to preserve the argument's null_value flag, which
caused an unexpected NULL value to be returned to the caller,
resulting in a server crash.
(Bug#47780: http://bugs.mysql.com/47780)

* The GPL and commercial license headers had different sizes, so
that error log, backtrace, core dump, and cluster trace file
line numbers could be off by one if they were not checked
against the version of the source used for the build. (For
example, checking a GPL build backtrace against commercial
sources.) (Bug#46216: http://bugs.mysql.com/46216)

* During the build of the Red Hat IA64 MySQL server RPM, the
system library link order was incorrect. This made the
resulting Red Hat IA64 RPM depend on
"libc.so.6.1(GLIBC_PRIVATE)(64bit)", thus preventing
installation of the package.
(Bug#45706: http://bugs.mysql.com/45706)

* Failure to treat BIT values as unsigned could lead to
unpredictable results.
(Bug#42803: http://bugs.mysql.com/42803)