MySQL Community Server 5.0.84がリリースされました。


最も普及しているオープンソースデータベース管理システムの新バージョンであるMySQL Community Server 5.0.84がリリースされました。MySQL Community Server 5.0リリースシリーズにおける本リリースと以降のリリースは、MySQL Enterprise Serverのカウンターパートに対応するバージョン番号を共有します。

MySQL 5.0.84は、http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/およびミラーサイトから、ソースコード及び多くのプラットフォームのためのバイナリで現在利用可能です。




以下のセクションは、以前のリリースであるMySQL Community Server 5.0.83以来のMySQLソースコードにおけるバージョン間の変更を記載しています。


あなたが使用するバージョンおよび機能と関係のある修正に関するより詳細かつ個別の更新アラートを受けたい場合、MySQL Enterpriseへの申し込みを検討してください。(商用でMySQLが提供しています)。より詳細な個別の修正情報は以下を参照してください。



Bugs fixed:

* Important Change: Replication: BEGIN, COMMIT, and ROLLBACK
      statements are no longer affected by --replicate-do-db or
      --replicate-ignore-db rules.

    * Replication: When reading a binary log that was in use by a
      master or that had not been properly closed (possibly due to a
      crash), the following message was printed: Warning: this
      binlog was not closed properly. Most probably mysqld crashed
      writing it. This message did not take into account the
      possibility that the file was merely in use by the master,
      which caused some users concern who were not aware that this
      could happen.
      To make this clear, the original message has been replaced
      with Warning: this binlog is either is use or was not closed
      properly. (Bug#34687:http://bugs.mysql.com/34687)

    * The server crashed for attempts to use REPLACE or INSERT ...
      ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE with a view defined using a join.

    * The combination of MIN() or MAX() in the select list with
      WHERE and GROUP BY clauses could lead to incorrect results.

    * Use of ROUND() on a LONGTEXT or LONGBLOB column of a derived
      table could cause a server crash.

    * Index Merge followed by a filesort could result in a server
      crash if sort_buffer_size was not large enough for all sort
      keys. (Bug#44810:http://bugs.mysql.com/44810)

    * The PASSWORD() and OLD_PASSWORD() functions could read memory
      outside of an internal buffer when used with BLOB arguments.

    * Shared-memory connections did not work in Vista if mysqld was
      started from the command line.

    * In the mysql client, using a default character set of binary
      caused internal commands such as DELIMITER to become case
      sensitive. (Bug#37268:http://bugs.mysql.com/37268)

    * On Windows, the _PC macro in my_global.h was causing problems
      for modern compilers. It has been removed because it is no
      longer used. (Bug#34309:http://bugs.mysql.com/34309)

    * The InnoDB adaptive hash latch is released (if held) for
      serveral potentially long-running operations. This improves
      throughput for other queries if the current query is removing
      a temporary table, changing a temporary table from memory to
      disk, using CREATE TABLE ... SELECT, or performing a MyISAM
      repair on a table used within a transaction.