MySQL Connector/Net 5.2.2 ベータ版がリリースされました。



MySQL用の全てが管理された.NETドライバの新バージョンであるMySQL Connector/Net 5.2.2がリリースされました。このリリースはベータ版であり、おそらく解決が難しいと思われるものがいくつか存在する複数のバグを含んでいます。このリリースを本番環境で使用しないよう強くお奨めします。このリリースでは、テストとフィードバックの目的のみを考えています。








== Features or behavior changes ==
– Added support for using the new PARAMETERS I_S view when running against
a 6.0 server
– Implemented interactive session connection string option
– The procedure parameters schema collection has been altered to match
what is coming
with MySQL 6.0. Some fields have been removed and others combined.
Please review
your application for incompatibilities.


== Bugs fixed ==
– Fixed profile provider that would throw an exception if you were updating
a profile that already existed.
– Fixed problem where new parameter code prevented stored procedures
from being
altered in Visual Studio (bug #34940)
– Fixed problem where the TableAdapter wizard was no longer able to
generate commands
using stored procedures because of our change to using @ instead of ?
(bug #34941)
– Fixed problem in datagrid code related to creating a new table. This
problem may
have been introduced with .NET 2.0 SP1.
– Fixed guid type so that a null value is still returned as guid type
(bug #35041)
– Fixed bug with the membership provider where the min non alpha numeric
was not working correctly.
– Fixed bug where calling GetPassword on a membership user when the
password answer
is null would cause an exception (bug #35332)
– Fixed bug where retrieving passwords that are encrypted was not
returning proper
passwords (bug #35336)
– Fixed problem with profile provider where properties that were
specified without
a given type could not be retrieved properly (bug #36000)
– Removed some unnecessary locking from the pool manager and also
reworked the pooling
code to not use a semaphore (bug #34001)