MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 GAがリリースされました

MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 GAがリリースされました

  Dear MySQL users,

  The MySQL developer tools team announces 6.2.4 as our maintenance release for
  MySQL Workbench 6.2.

  For the full list of bugs fixed in this revision, visit
  <a href="http://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/workbench/en/changes-6-2.html" rel="nofollow">http://dev.mysql.com/doc/relnotes/workbench/en/changes-6-2.html</a>

  For discussion, join the MySQL Workbench Forums:
  <a href="http://forums.mysql.com/index.php?151" rel="nofollow">http://forums.mysql.com/index.php?151</a>

  Download MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 now, for Windows, Mac OS X 10.7+, Oracle
  Linux 6 and 7, Fedora 20, Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 or sources,

  <a href="http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/tools/workbench/" rel="nofollow">http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/tools/workbench/</a>


  Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2

     For detailed information about the new features, see What's
     New in MySQL Workbench 6.2
     (<a href="http://dev.mysql.com/doc/workbench/en/wb-what-is-new-62.html" rel="nofollow">http://dev.mysql.com/doc/workbench/en/wb-what-is-new-62.html</a>

  Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.4 2014-11-20

     Functionality Added or Changed

       * A new advanced tab was added to the MySQL Enterprise
         Backup profile editor. These options are stored in the
         [mysqlbackup] section of the backup profile, which is
         used by the MySQL Enterprise Backup executable through
         the --defaults-file parameter. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19643172">Bug #19643172</a>)

       * A new preference was added that defines whether pressing
         Tab inserts tab characters or spaces. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19598375">Bug #19598375</a>, Bug

       * The EER diagram catalog browser now remembers view states
         on a per diagram basis. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19508483">Bug #19508483</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/72255">Bug #72255</a>)

       * A new Indentation section was added to the "General
         Editors" preferences. Included are options to set the
         indentation width and tab width. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/17455648">Bug #17455648</a>, Bug

       * Adding an SQL snippet now opens the snippet editor, when
         before it immediately added the snippet without a title
         or code review. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/14724622">Bug #14724622</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/67085">Bug #67085</a>)

       * A new preference was added that limits the number of
         automatically opened SQL result sets for SELECT queries,
         which defaults to 50. Reaching this limit emits a
         Before, executing a large number of SELECT queries (about
         800) at once would cause a fatal error after exceeding
         system CPU and memory limits. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/12949811">Bug #12949811</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/62259">Bug #62259</a>)

       * A new Skip checking of Routine Definer option was added
         to the Catalog Diff Report wizard. This improves
         functionality for stored procedures and functions. (Bug
         #11764775, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/13418623">Bug #13418623</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/57645">Bug #57645</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/63175">Bug #63175</a>)

       * Opening an SQL script no longer requires a MySQL
         connection. To do this, select Open SQL Script from the
         File navigation menu on the home page. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/11757343">Bug #11757343</a>,
         <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/49377">Bug #49377</a>)

     Bugs Fixed

       * Inserting the locate() function inside another function
         would incorrectly report an SQL syntax error. (Bug
         #19856523, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74439">Bug #74439</a>)

       * On Linux, the query result view did not populate with
         libglib version 2.42 and above. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19831054">Bug #19831054</a>, Bug

       * Compiling MySQL Workbench would fail on Hurd, kFreeBSD,
         s390x, and ppc64el systems. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19806379">Bug #19806379</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74241">Bug #74241</a>)

       * Double-clicking on an object in the schema navigator
         (except for the schema name) now populates the SQL editor
         area with the object name. This restores previous
         behavior. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19788017">Bug #19788017</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74299">Bug #74299</a>)

       * Connections to remote hosts using the connection method
         "Standard TCP/IP over SSH" would fail with new versions
         (1.15+) of the paramiko library.
         A workaround was to downgrade the system's paramiko
         library. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19768621">Bug #19768621</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74223">Bug #74223</a>)

       * Stored procedures that were identified as having syntax
         errors could not be saved. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19767233">Bug #19767233</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74237">Bug #74237</a>)

       * MySQL Workbench generated incorrect UPDATE queries for
         tables without a Primary Key even where unique keys were
         present. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19711078">Bug #19711078</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74140">Bug #74140</a>)

       * After typing Control + F and clicking Replace, the
         entered text of the replace string was not fully visible.
         (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19690226">Bug #19690226</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/74088">Bug #74088</a>)

       * On Windows, "Beautify/reformat the SQL script" could
         cause MySQL Workbench to freeze. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19667130">Bug #19667130</a>, Bug

       * The Find's Previous button would sometimes behave like
         the Next button. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19647189">Bug #19647189</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73971">Bug #73971</a>)

       * Under Data Import/Restore, the "Enable Cleartext
         Authentication Plugin" option did not always function.
         (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19598678">Bug #19598678</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/72433">Bug #72433</a>)

       * Under Users and Privileges, the text "Click the Drop
         button to completely remove the account" was changed to
         "Click the Delete button to completely remove the
         account". (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19598511">Bug #19598511</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73857">Bug #73857</a>)

       * A new Data Export preference was added that makes the
         CREATE DATABASE and USE statements optional in the
         generated output. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19598433">Bug #19598433</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/72599">Bug #72599</a>)

       * A new preference (checkbox) was added to optionally
         export triggers. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19598408">Bug #19598408</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73718">Bug #73718</a>)

       * On Linux, the [x] button to close an SQL editor tab was
         missing if the required font package was not present on
         the system. Now, an image is used instead. (Bug
         #19598393, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/70993">Bug #70993</a>)

       * The SQL syntax checker would show errors for EXECUTE
         statements without the "using" keyword. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19560590">Bug #19560590</a>,
         <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73804">Bug #73804</a>)

       * A new GTID_PURGED option was added under "Advanced
         options" to the Data Export wizard. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19528673">Bug #19528673</a>)

       * There was a performance regression between 6.0 and
         6.1/6.2 when switching diagram tabs, loading the model,
         as also adding new tables. The Catalog Tree was
         refactored for increased performance. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19524441">Bug #19524441</a>, Bug

       * Exporting an ALTER script using the Synchronize with Any
         Source wizard after making "Column Mapping" (table name)
         changes would incorrectly generate CHANGE COLUMN queries
         as "CHANGE COLUMN `newcolumnname` `newcolumnname`"
         instead of "CHANGE COLUMN `oldcolumnname`
         `newcolumnname`". (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19500938">Bug #19500938</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73644">Bug #73644</a>)

       * Attempting to execute a query with one SQL editor tab
         while another SQL editor tab was causing a metadata lock
         would freeze MySQL Workbench. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/19444247">Bug #19444247</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73574">Bug #73574</a>)

       * The Auto-save scripts interval preference did not
         function, as auto-save saved all connection and query
         tabs every 10 seconds regardless of this setting. (Bug
         #19201716, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73178">Bug #73178</a>)

       * Attempting to add multiple entries using the results view
         "Form Editor" would fail and generate an exception unless
         Apply was clicked after each individual entry. (Bug
         #19185746, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/73253">Bug #73253</a>)

       * The Dashboard charts for Client Connections latest
         current value was always null, and the current, max, and
         limit values were overlapped. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/18965879">Bug #18965879</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/72984">Bug #72984</a>)

       * The Server Status page did not recognize the enabled
         Memcached and Semi-Sync replication features. The status
         light for these features did not change from red to
         green. The System and Status Variables page reported the
         correct values for these features. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/18703315">Bug #18703315</a>, Bug

       * Custom user creation and MySQL Enterprise Backup was
         fixed to always function with a MySQL server started with
         the skip-name-resolve option. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/17924757">Bug #17924757</a>)

       * Clicking Cancel at the password prompt for a Navigator
         option, such as System Status, would emit an unhandled
         exception. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/17651774">Bug #17651774</a>)

       * The SQL CREATE Script for Selected Object window under
         Object Migration in the migration wizard was narrow, and
         was missing a slider. (<a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/14823142">Bug #14823142</a>, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/67189">Bug #67189</a>)

       * Font selection and support was improved. Some fonts, such
         as Cyrillic fonts, were not displayed properly. (Bug
         #12951450, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/62328">Bug #62328</a>)

       * When generating default INSERTs code for tables in
         modeling, columns that are specified NOT NULL will now
         replace NULL column values with the DEFAULT keyword. (Bug
         #11762839, <a href="http://bugs.mysql.com/55483">Bug #55483</a>)

  On behalf of the MySQL Workbench and the MySQL/ORACLE RE Team.

- Sreedhar S