MySQL Workbench 6.2.3 GAがリリースされました

MySQL向けの開発管理ツールMySQL Workbench 6.2のメンテナンスリリースであるMySQL Workbench 6.2.3 GA がリリースされました。 

MySQL Workbench 6.2 is the new version for the official MySQL
graphical development tool .

MySQL Workbench 6.2 focuses on support for innovations released in MySQL
5.6 and MySQL 5.7 DMR (Development Release) as well as MySQL Fabric 1.5,
with features such as:

* A new spatial data viewer, allowing graphical views of result sets
    containing GEOMETRY data and taking advantage of the new GIS
    capabilities in MySQL 5.7.
* Support for new MySQL 5.7.4 SQL syntax and configuration options.
* Metadata Locks View shows the locks connections are blocked or waiting
* MySQL Fabric cluster connectivity - Browsing, view status, and connect
    to any MySQL instance in a Fabric Cluster.
* MS Access migration Wizard - easily move to MySQL Databases.

Other significant usability improvements were made, aiming to raise
productivity for advanced and new users:

* Direct shortcut buttons to commonly used features in the schema tree.
* Improved results handling. Columns have better auto-sizing and their
    widths are saved. Fonts can also be customized. Results "pinned" to
     persist viewing data.
* A convenient Run SQL Script command to directly execute SQL scripts,
    without loading them first.
* Database Modeling has been updated to allow changes to the formatting
    of note objects and attached SQL scripts can now be included in forward
    engineering and synchronization scripts.
* Integrated Visual Explain within the result set panel.
* Visual Explain drill down for large to very large explain plans.
* Shared SQL snippets in the SQL Editor, allowing multiple users to
    share SQL code by storing it within a MySQL instance.
* And much more.

The list of provided binaries was updated and MySQL Workbench binaries
now available for:

* Windows 7 32 and 64bits
* Mac OS X Lion or newer
* Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Ubuntu 14.04 64bits
* Fedora 20 64bits
* Oracle Linux 6.5 64bits
* Oracle Linux 7 64bits
* Sources for building in other Linux distributions. Pre-compiled binaries
    are no longer provided for 32bit Linux distributions, although users may
    still download and build from sources.

Note: Workbench for Windows requires Visual C++ Redistributable for
Visual Studio 2013, which can be downloaded from:

For the full list of bugs fixed in this revision, visit

For discussion, join the MySQL Workbench Forums:

Download MySQL Workbench 6.2.3 now, for Windows, Mac OS X 10.7+, Oracle
Linux 6 and 7, Fedora 20, Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 14.04 or sources,



Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.3 since version 6.1.7 (2014-09-23)

    Bugs Fixed

      * On Linux (64-bit only), clicking Delete Row on a result grid
        would cause a crash. (Bug #19598295, Bug #73879)

      * The Set field(s) to NULL result field context-menu option did
        not function. (Bug #19499823, Bug #73079)

      * On Windows, the Data Export functionality was escaping the $
        symbol in table names, which resulted in mysqldump failing to
        find the table. (Bug #19553584)

      * In the SQL editor, code completion would freeze MySQL
        Workbench when used with a large (1000+ tables) database. (Bug
        #17457790, Bug #70338)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.2 (2014-09-05, Release Candidate)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * The following SSL related changes were introduced:

           + The Use SSL option for SSL connection options was changed
             to a dropdown, where you can select one of: No, If
             Available, or Required.

           + If Required is selected, the connection will fail if a
             SSL connection cannot be enabled.

           + New MySQL connections default to If available.

           + The Test Connection button now shows whether SSL was
             enabled when the connection was opened.

           + The Session Information panel in the SQL Editor sidebar
             shows is SSL is enabled, and also the Cipher in use.
        (Bug #18547269)

      * Indentation is now respected in the SQL and code editors, when
        before the current indention level would be forgotten. New
        lines now start at the previous indention level. (Bug
        #17354356, Bug #14666286, Bug #70138, Bug #66941)

      * The tab key now inserts a tab character into the query editor,
        when before it inserted three spaces. (Bug #14499535, Bug

    Bugs Fixed

      * The document tab controls now block mouse movements when the
        button is down, as to prevent accidental window dragging. (Bug
        #19484086, Bug #72256)

      * Selecting a color from color picker on a table would generate
        an invalid color value. (Bug #19487822, Bug #73682)

      * On Windows, the catalog treeview now has tooltips to show
        object names of any length. On Linux, this information is
        available from a new column. (Bug #19487798, Bug #73681)

      * The Commit results edits and Discard results Edits options
        would sometimes be hidden from view. (Bug #19484760, Bug

      * The server management functionality would sometimes fail with
        connections using SSH tunneling. (Bug #19447288, Bug #73580)

      * If a transaction was already open with auto-commit disabled,
        there was a dialog that prompted to commit the open
        transaction before applying the changes. That dialog was
        simplified to only offer Apply and Cancel options. This dialog
        still has no effect on the transaction for applying the result
        set itself.
        Also, the result set changes will no longer be committed if a
        transaction was already open when Apply is clicked. With
        auto-commit enabled, the old behavior of applying the change
        inside a new transaction is maintained. (Bug #19482785, Bug

      * The SQL beautification feature would change "NOW()" to "NOW
        ()" (note the inserted space), which created an SQL syntax
        error. (Bug #19477485, Bug #73661)

      * Executing Execute (All or selection) to Text on queries that
        SELECT from empty tables failed and generate an error similar
        to "Error during "Execute Query Into Text Output" error
        calling Python module function
        SQLIDEUtils.executeQueryAsText". (Bug #19490650, Bug #72611)

      * Clicking the spatial view in the results tab could cause a
        crash. (Bug #19429414, Bug #19574103, Bug #73824)

      * Several typos were fixed in the GUI descriptions, such as
        "Program Fiels" to "Program Files". (Bug #19397736, Bug

      * With the presence of char(0) (0x00) in data fields, exporting
        result sets to CSV would sometimes generate corrupt data. (Bug
        #19412388, Bug #73524)

      * When there were multiple result sets, then only one was shown
        in the output pane when using "Vertical Output" output type.
        (Bug #19344302, Bug #73452)

      * The Queries per Second metric was renamed to Selects per
        Second, to avoid confusion. (Bug #19314885, Bug #70132)

      * On OS X, changing database settings would cause a crash. (Bug
        #19313190, Bug #73416)

      * The --script parameter, which is meant to load an SQL script
        into a query editor, will now explicitly emit a warning when
        it is mistakenly used with a Python script. (Bug #19255337,
        Bug #73334)

      * On Linux, clicking the "Zoom out the diagram" icon in the
        Visual Explain interface would cause a crash. (Bug #19279674)

      * Quickly clicking Apply twice after editing a result set entry
        would cause a crash. (Bug #19264864, Bug #73348)

      * After adding enough SQL statements in the SQL editor to
        require scrolling, and scrolling to the bottom statement and
        executing it, the SQL window would automatically scroll to the
        top statement. Now, the cursor position is preserved. (Bug
        #19194043, Bug #73262)

      * The CHAR() data type was added to the SQL and Model editors.
        (Bug #19206172, Bug #73282)

      * The three columns widths under Status and system variables can
        now be resized. (Bug #19186598, Bug #73245)

      * Under certain conditions, Visual Explain would only display
        the raw explain data. (Bug #19186177, Bug #73256)

      * The form editor would only display up to 250 characters. (Bug
        #19176830, Bug #73234)

      * Saving a query in the SQL editor would clear the undo history.
        (Bug #19153350, Bug #73188)

      * The "column privileges" section in the Table Inspector
        contained an extra third column. (Bug #19166119, Bug #73221)

      * When exporting a database, MySQL Workbench now checks and
        notifies the user when the bundled or configured mysqldump is
        older than the target MySQL version, and prompts the user to
        set Path to mysqldump Tool in MySQL Workbench to the
        appropriate version. (Bug #19127351, Bug #72312)

      * Clicking Help, Report a Bug did not function. (Bug #19063645,
        Bug #73104)

      * The History Output window failed to handle a change to the
        system's date. (Bug #19018097, Bug #71196)

      * Clicking Import or Export from a Model's table properties
        Inserts tab did not function. (Bug #18974785, Bug #72733)

      * On OS X, executing a query would sometimes hide the results
        grid. (Bug #18922858, Bug #72897)

      * New lines inside an SQL statement comment would truncate the
        comment at the new line. (Bug #18925569, Bug #72904)

      * The results grid columns only showed a small number of
        characters. (Bug #18966800, Bug #72967)

      * On Linux, assigning a referenced foreign key could cause a
        crash. (Bug #18936194, Bug #72916)

      * MySQL Workbench incorrectly reported that the current user did
        not have permission to execute a SELECT query that requested
        values from columns that the user was explicitly granted
        SELECT permission. (Bug #18932984, Bug #72905)

      * The generated code from an EER diagram would sometimes add the
        Primary Key in the wrong order. (Bug #18945899, Bug #72920)

      * Expanding the schema list in the object browser could take a
        long time to execute, depending on the number of procedures
        present. Now, mysql.proc is used to get procedure and function
        information, with the previously used (and less efficient)
        SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS as a fallback option. (Bug #18906030)

      * On Linux, the BLOB columns were not viewable in the query
        results editor. (Bug #18788268, Bug #72676)

      * The bundled MySQL Workbench documentation was removed, and it
        was replaced with a link to the official online manual. (Bug

      * Importing or exporting data records to/from a table to/from an
        external file would cause a crash. (Bug #18762702, Bug #72648)

      * While executing the Forward Engineering wizard after renaming
        a schema, the routines and views were not exported when the
        Omit Schema Qualifier option was selected. (Bug #18719282)

      * Migrating SQL Server 2005 tables with timestamps would not
        import the timestamp column data. (Bug #18764121, Bug #72650)

      * The object dialog tooltip remained viewable when an object was
        dragged. (Bug #18718988, Bug #72549)

      * Corrupted tables were listed under the Views tab, instead of
        being listed under the Tables tab. (Bug #18621591, Bug #72380)

      * In the schema inspector, the Copy to Clipboard and Send to SQL
        Editor context menu options did not function. (Bug #18540059,
        Bug #72282)

      * The Notifications tab in the Scripting Shell was missing its
        panel title. (Bug #18548008, Bug #72299)

      * The MySQL 5.7+ implementation of the server-side statement
        timeout syntax is now supported in the syntax checker,
        configuration editor, and error handler. Example syntax
        includes "SELECT MAX_STATEMENT_TIME = 1 * FROM SAKILA.actor".
        (Bug #18545802)

      * The Export Recordset dialog was too wide. (Bug #18454356)

      * The DBdoc Model reporting feature did not function. (Bug

      * Executing a model to database synchronization immediately
        after the model was forward engineered would show too many
        differences. (Bug #18492219)

      * Connections using SSH tunneling would sometimes die after a
        short idle period. (Bug #18454694, Bug #72105)

      * Migrating from Sybase ASE could generate an incorrect
        connection string. (Bug #18490804)

      * The comment input box for a model view was too short. (Bug

      * The Previous and Next buttons did not function after loading a
        large audit file in the Audit Inspector. (Bug #18427194)

      * In the table inspector, the Drop Index button would be pushed
        off the screen (hidden) when the index name was too long. (Bug

      * The performance dashboard tooltips would remain open and cover
        other GUI elements. (Bug #18445789)

      * When migrating from Microsoft SQL Server 2008 to MySQL 5.6+,
        copying a table with the column type DATETIME using
        milliseconds precision would only fill the target entry
        milliseconds as .000. (Bug #18412667, Bug #72060)

      * Some options were listed twice in the Relay Log box in the
        Replication tab of the Options File window, options such as
        relay-log-index, relay-log-recovery, and relay-log-info-file.
        (Bug #18373619, Bug #71976)

      * The query tab names would be forgotten after closing MySQL
        Workbench, and these tab names are now preserved across
        sessions. (Bug #18131999, Bug #19492952, Bug #69234, Bug

      * SSH authentication would sometimes fail when the password was
        not saved to the vault. (Bug #18149737, Bug #71504)

      * On 64-bit operating systems, MySQL Workbench would display the
        incorrect default value for the "thread_stack" system
        variable. (Bug #17879238, Bug #71045)

      * The "expanded" property in the Property Editor was ignored
        when opening an EER Diagram. All routine groups were expanded,
        regardless of the "expanded" setting. Expanded, manual sizing,
        and any other properties are now persistent. (Bug #17554059,
        Bug #70506)

      * The innodb_buffer_pool_size option was listed twice under
        option file management. (Bug #17339642, Bug #70003)

      * On Windows, the Schema transfer wizard background image was
        cropped. This background image was removed. (Bug #17300415)

      * The migration wizard would not migrate PostgreSQL to MySQL
        server 5.7. (Bug #17075011)

      * The "word wrap" state is now preserved across SQL tabs and
        MySQL Workbench sessions. (Bug #16505796, Bug #68693)

      * Empty user names are no longer allowed. (Bug #16298174, Bug

      * Closing an ERR Model would not release an appropriate amount
        of RAM. (Bug #14768662, Bug #67264)

      * When the ALTER Table editor had changes committed and an error
        occurred, it would attempt to re-create the original object.
        However, that was not functioning correctly most of the time,
        so this feature was completely removed to avoid confusing
        error messages. (Bug #13640795)

      * On Windows, the dialog windows would appear under the Windows
        task bar. (Bug #12622572, Bug #61125)

      * Draggable boxes were difficult to locate when the model view
        zoom was lowered. (Bug #11749682, Bug #39608)

      * The migration wizard now sets "SQL_MODE=NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO"
        before copying data, which causes auto_increment field values
        of 0 to be copied as 0. (Bug #11747050, Bug #30486)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.1 (2014-08-19, Beta)

    See the MySQL Workbench 6.2.0 release notes for a list of new
    6.2.x features.

    Bugs Fixed

      * Adding comments for a column in a model would sometimes
        generate special characters. (Bug #19351764, Bug #73462)

      * The word "International" was written as "Iternational" in the
        Administration panel. (Bug #19240901, Bug #73315)

      * Tables could not be clicked-and-dragged after closing any
        other EER diagram tab. (Bug #19058582, Bug #73090)

      * After editing a table column and then returning focus to the
        diagram view, the table name field would incorrectly take the
        focus. (Bug #18688201, Bug #72496)

      * The "show captions next to relationships" option would cause
        the captions to overlap. (Bug #18633273, Bug #72307)

      * The automatic context help did not always function in the SQL
        editor. (Bug #18592483, Bug #72324)

      * On Windows, the command line character limit affected the data
        export function for self-contained files, as a full list of
        tables was passed to the mysqldump utility but the character
        limit meant some tables were not exported. (Bug #18296838, Bug

      * Sometimes a new MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.9.x partial backup
        failed. (Bug #17354393)

Changes in MySQL Workbench 6.2.0 (2014-08-12, Internal)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * The schema navigator now includes new overlay icons for common
        operations such as table data view, table edit, and
        table/schema inspector. (Bug #18621683, Bug #13813178, Bug
        #72384, Bug #64493)

        MySQL 5.7+ is now supported. (Bug #18383812)

      * An option was added that converts SQL keywords to uppercase
        when using the SQL beautification tool. (Bug #18124415, Bug

      * A new "Pin Tab" feature was added that saves (pins) result set
        tabs to the SQL Editor. To use, right-click on a result set
        menu and select Pin Tab from the context menu. (Bug #16171532,
        Bug #67364)

      * For Microsoft Windows, 64-bit binaries are now built to go
        along with the 32-bit versions. (Bug #12589701, Bug #61263)

      * An option to include (attach) SQL scripts was added in the
        forward engineer and synchronization wizards. (Bug #11748756,
        Bug #37299)

      * A new spatial data viewer that offers graphical views of
        result sets containing GEOMETRY data. This utilizes the GIS
        capabilities in MySQL 5.7+.

      * The MySQL 5.7 SQL syntax and configuration options are now

      * The Metadata Locks view shows the locked connections that are
        blocked or being waiting on.

      * MySQL Fabric cluster connectivity: Browse, view status, and
        connect to any MySQL instance in a Fabric Cluster.

      * The migration wizard now supports migration from Microsoft

      * The improved results handling include better column
        auto-sizing and saved width preferences. The fonts can also be

      * The result tabs can now be "pinned" for persistent data views.

      * The Run SQL Script command can now be executed on SQL scripts,
        without first loading the scripts.

      * Database modeling was updated to allow changes to the
        formatting of note objects, and attached SQL scripts can now
        be included in the forward engineering and synchronization

      * The result set panel now integrates Visual Explain, and offers
        an execution plan for all executed queries.

      * Visual Explain now allows you to "drill down" into large to
        very large explain plans.

      * Shared SQL snippets were added. They allow multiple users to
        share SQL code by storing the snippets in a shared MySQL

    Bugs Fixed

      * On OS X, closed query tabs could reopen after restarting MySQL
        Workbench. (Bug #19376105, Bug #73487)

      * A clear warning was added that fully enabling all "Performance
        Schema" instrumentation options causes performance
        degradation. (Bug #18984148)

      * The results grid Filter Rows box failed to filter out partial
        matches. (Bug #18974865, Bug #72214)

      * When importing a CSV file, only the first line was displayed.
        (Bug #18849285, Bug #72768)

      * The refresh button on the results grid did not function. (Bug
        #18670542, Bug #72471)

      * A newly created SSH / TCP connection required MySQL Workbench
        to be restarted before it could be used with Enterprise
        features. (Bug #18673220)

      * Column widths in the results view window would sometimes not
        fit, thus requiring the columns to be resized manually.
        In addition to the autofit function being fixed, adjusted
        column widths are now preserved. (Bug #18589588, Bug
        #14079636, Bug #72332, Bug #65223)

      * The log viewer did not take into account the log file changes
        in MySQL server 5.7.2+. (Bug #18632608)

      * The SQL parser was updated to reflect the SQL grammar changes
        in MySQL 5.7. (Bug #18545678, Bug #18545802)

      * Multiple trigger support in MySQL server 5.7+ was added. (Bug

      * Sort on numeric columns did not function properly. (Bug
        #18447936, Bug #72104)

      * A specific error message was added for failed MySQL
        connections when the max_user_connections limit was reached.
        (Bug #18431229, Bug #72026)

      * The text boxes in the "Object" and "Session" windows could be
        edited. (Bug #18445344)

      * The mouseover tooltips in the Visual Explain window would
        sometimes hide unrelated content. (Bug #18251611, Bug #71711)

      * A new configuration option was added to configure the font in
        the results view window. (Bug #17490024, Bug #70388)

      * Models that were auto-saved could not be recovered. (Bug

      * The "precision" keyword was not considered valid in MySQL
        Workbench. The SQL editor, reverse engineering wizard, and
        table editor were updated to accept the "precision" keyword.
        (Bug #17169591, Bug #69754)

      * Opening BLOB field data (such as an average sized image) in
        the Value Editor could take 10-40 seconds to load. (Bug
        #16715370, Bug #69049)

      * In the scripting editor, the Control + F keyboard shortcut
        inserted an ACK character instead of loading the "Find and
        Replace" dialog. (Bug #14495634, Bug #66302)

      * Reordering tabs could cause query execution in an unexpected
        tab. (Bug #14221754, Bug #65557)

      * The Control + S keyboard shortcut would not save the Python
        file in the scripting shell. (Bug #14172988)

      * Textual content would not wrap the text when resizing a text
        object. (Bug #12546783, Bug #61092)

      * A new context menu item was added that adds all tables in the
        privileges role editor. (Bug #11763614, Bug #56346)

      * A new button was added to select all privileges when assigning
        privileges to a role. (Bug #11763614, Bug #56346)