MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.4がリリースされました

MySQL Connector/NET 5.1.4がリリースされました。

*************   重要    ********************
Connector/Net 5.1より、我々の製品のパッケージ方法が変更されます。今までは、
コアプロダクトとVisual Studio integration bitsを個別のダウンロードとして
出荷していました。これが少し問題になってきました。VSパッケージとcore provider
個別の製品としてのVisual Studio用ツールを廃止し、新たなConnector/Net

この製品をインストールする前に、Visual Studio用ツールの以前のバージョン全てを

バージョン5.1.4は、MySQL4.1、MySQL5.0、MySQL5.1ベータ版、MySQL6.0 ファルコン



== Issues fixed ==

- Fixed issue where column name metadata was not using the charset
given on the connection string(Bug #31185)

- Fixed problem where closing the connection before the reader where
the reader was opened with CloseConnection would cause a object disposed exception
to be thrown

- Fixed problem with installer where the installation would fail if the performance counter
categories had already been removed for some reason

- Fixed problem with attempting to use a command with a connection that is not open.

The problem was caused by the introduction of the internal method
SoftClosed that is used with transactions. (Bug #31262)

- Fixed problem where attempting to enlist in a distributed transaction would succeed
even though Connector/Net doesn't currently support that. (Bug #31703)

- Fixed problem with web providers not being usable on medium trust systems

- Fixed problem with installer where attempting to install over a failed uninstall could
leave multiple clients registered in machine.config. (Bug #31731)

- Marked MySqlDbType.Datetime obsolete; replaced with DateTime (just
corrected capitalization) (Bug #26344)

- fixed code where we were returning bit(1) as boolean but mysql treats tinyint(1) as boolean
(bug #27959)

- Added the Default Command Timeout connection string option to allow
DDEX users to set an initial command timeout for very large databases (bug #27958)

== Changes ported from 5.0 branch ==

- Fixed problem where fields that were blobs but did not include the
BLOB flag were treated as binary when they should have been treated as text. (Bug #30233)

- Changed from using Array.Copy to Buffer.BlockCopy in MySqlDataReader.GetBytes.  This
helps with memory usage as we expect the source and destination arrays to not be overlapping.
(Bug #31090)

- Fixed problem that prevented commands from being executed from the state change
handler. Not sure why you would want to do this but... (bug #30964)

- Fixed problem with connection string caching where our collection class was
using case insensitive semantics and this causes cases where a user orginally
used the wrong case for a user id and then fixed it to still get access denied errors. (Bug #31433)

- improved the speed of load data local infile significantly

- fixed MySqlDateTime.ToString() to properly return the date value (Bug #32010)

- fixed problem where string parameters who have their size set after their value could cause exceptions
(Bug #32094)

- fixed problem where old code was preventing creating parameter objects with non-input direction using
just a constructor (Bug #32093)

- fixed problem where a syntax error in a set of batch statements could leave the data adapter in a state
that appears hung (bug #31930)

- fixed the MySqlException class to set the server error code in the Data[] hash so that
DbProviderFactory users can access the server error code (Bug #27436)

- fixed problem where changing the connection string of a connection to one that changes
the parameter marker after the connection had been assigned to a command but before
the connection is opened can cause parameters to not be found (bug#13991)