MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.19が利用可能です。


MySQLデータベースシステム用ODBCドライバの新バージョンである、MySQL Connector/ODBC 3.51.19がリリースされました。このリリースは、3.51シリーズの最新のリリースであり、MySQL 4.1, 5.0, 5.1を含むいかなるMySQLバージョンの使用にも適応しています。








Platform notes:
* There are no installer packages for Microsoft Windows x64 Edition.
* There is no binary package for Mac OS X on 64-bit PowerPC because Apple
  does not currently provide a 64-bit PowerPC version of iODBC.
* The HP-UX 11.23 IA64 binary package does not include the GUI bits because
  of problems building Qt on that platform.
* The binary packages for Sun Solaris are only provided as tarballs, not
  the PKG format.

Changes since the last release:

  Functionality added or changed:
  * Because ofBug #10491in the server, character string results were
    sometimes incorrectly identified as SQL_VARBINARY. Until this server
    bug is corrected, the driver will identify all variable-length
    strings as SQL_VARCHAR.

Changes since the 3.51.17 release:

  Functionality added or changed:
  * A binary package without an installer is available for Microsoft Windows
    x64 Edition.
  * Binary packages as disk images with installers are now available
    for Mac OS X.
  * Binary packages for Sun Solaris are available as PKG packages.
  * Added FLAG_MULTI_STATEMENTS to allow issuing queries that contain
    multiple statements. Also added to the setup GUI. (Bug #7445)
  * Removed support for the TRACE and TRACEFILE DSN options. The standard
    ODBC logging should be used.
  * Added support for SQL_ATTR_ROW_BIND_OFFSET_PTR in normal cursors.
    (Bug #6741)
  * Added SSL options to the GUI setup dialog.

  Bugs fixed:
  * SQLColumns() incorrectly reported that an auto-incrementing
    field was not nullable. (Bug #14407)
  * SQLColumns() incorrectly reported that an auto-updating timestamp
    field was not nullable. (Bug #14414)
  * Lengths returned by SQLColumns(), SQLDescribeCol(), and SQLColAttribute()
    were often incorrect. These lengths should now conform to the ODBC
    specification. FLAG_FIELD_LENGTH no longer has any effect. The default
    behavior was incorrect. (Bug #27862)
  * The SQL_DATA_TYPE column in SQLColumns() results did not report the
    correct value for date and time types.
  * The SQL_DATETIME_SUB column in SQLColumns() was not correctly set for
    date and time types.
  * The value for SQL_DESC_FIXED_PREC_SCALE was not returned correctly
    for decimal values in MySQL 5.0 and later.
  * The wrong value from SQL_DESC_LITERAL_SUFFIX was returned for binary
  * The wrong value for SQL_DESC_TYPE was returned for date and time types.
  * The wrong value for DECIMAL_DIGITS in SQLColumns() was reported for
    FLOAT and DOUBLE fields, as well as the wrong value for the scale
    parameter to SQLDescribeCol(), and the SQL_DESC_SCALE attribute
    from SQLColAttribute().
  * MySQL BIT(n) fields were always treated as SQL_BIT data. When n > 1,
    they are now treated as binary data.
  * If the connection character set was set to a multibyte character set,
    such as UTF-8, the wrong column size was reported. (Bug #19345)
  * SQLSpecialColumns() returned all TIMESTAMP fields when queried for
    SQL_ROWVER, not just an auto-updating TIMESTAMP field. (Bug #9927, still
    limited byBug #30081in the server.)
  * SQLConnect() and SQLDriverConnect() were rewritten to eliminate duplicate
    code and ensure all options were supported using both connection methods.
    SQLDriverConnect() now only requires the setup library to be present when
    the call requires it.
  * SQLColumns() failed when a catalog was specified due to an
    incorrectly-generated query. (Bug #29888)
  * SQLGetTypeInfo() returned incorrect information for date and time
    fields, and would not return results when queried for the SQL_DATETIME
    type. (Bug #28657)
  * myodbc3i did not honor the 's' and 'u' modifier to the -d option for
    installing the driver as a system or user driver. (Bug #29964)
  * Tables from the mysql database (catalog) were listed as SYSTEM TABLES
    by SQLTables() even when a different catalog was being queried. This
    also introduced errors due to the fix forBug #26934.  (Bug #28662)