MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.9が現在利用可能です。


MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.9がリリースされました。MySQL Connector/Netは、MySQL用の全てが管理されたADO.Netプロバイダーです。このリリースは、製品環境での使用に適しており、MySQLのどのバージョンにも対応しています。



* Implemented a stored procedure cache. By default, the connector caches the
metadata for the last 25    procedures that are seen. You can change the
number of procedures that are cached by using the 'procedure cache=<size>'
connection string setting. You can disable the procedure cache by setting a
zero size.

* Shared memory connections now work as expected.

* Queries containing a large number of parameters now run many times faster
than before. As an example of the performance gains seen, an internal
testing app that needed more than 30 minutes to execute using 1.0.7,
completes in less than 8 seconds using 1.0.9.

* We are no longer providing binaries compiled with .NET 1.0 or 2.0 with
this branch of the connector. We are doing this for a couple of reasons.
First, we believe the vast majority of our users are using .NET 1.1 or 2.0
so not shipping 1.0 binaries reduces our testing workload while affecting a
small number of developers.  Also, any user building applications with .NET
Framework 2.0 should use our new 5.0 product which fully implements the
ADO.Net interfaces.

* ICSharpCode ZipLib is no longer used by the connector and is no longer
being distributed with it.

* The installer will continue registering the assembly into the Global
Assembly Cache.  Any user that does not want this behavior is encouraged to
download our no-installer packages.

* Turned MySqlPoolManager into a static class and added a static constructor
to avoid any race conditions related to initializing the hash table.

* Added 'Ignore Prepare' connection string option for disabling prepared
statements application-wide.  This was added because we found that
server-side prepared statements did not always work as expected.  Using this
option, a user can continue to use existing code that calls Prepare() while
having that call emulated in a non-prepared way.  The default for this
option is true.

* A nicer exception is displayed if you have added a parameter without the
parameter marker.

* Improved CommandBuilder.DeriveParameters to first try and use the
procedure cache before querying for the stored procedure metadata.

* Return parameters created with DeriveParameters now have the name

* Fixed problem with parameter name hashing where the hashes were not
getting updated when parameters were removed from the collection.  This
could cause "item has already been added to the hash" errors.

* Fixed problem where pooled connections that are added back to the idle
pool may be still in the closed state.

* Fixed problem where SingleRow and SchemaOnly behaviors now work correctly
when calling stored procedures or using server-side prepared statements.