MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.8 RCがリリースされました。


MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.8 RCがリリースされました。MySQL Connector/Netは、MySQL用の全てが管理されたADO.Netプロバイダーです。このリリースは、MySQLのどのバージョンにも対応していますが、このリリースを他のいかなる商品のデータにも使用しないことを強くお勧めします。

** 重要 **


** 重要 **



* Implemented a stored procedure cache. By default, the connector
caches the metadata for the last 25    procedures that are seen. You can
change the number of procedures that are cached by using the 91procedure
cache3D<size>92 connection string setting. You can disable the
procedure cache by setting a zero size.

* Executing stored procedures now no longer requires the user to have
select privileges on the mysql.proc table.

* Shared memory connections now work as expected.

* Queries containing a large number of parameters now run many times
faster than before. As an example of the performance gains seen, an internal
testing app that needed more than 30 minutes to execute using 1.0.7,
completes in less than 8 seconds using 1.0.8.

* We are no longer providing binaries compiled with .NET 1.0. We are
doing this for a couple of reasons. First, we believe the vast majority of
our users are using .NET 1.1 or 2.0. Also, removing .NET 1.0 binaries
reduces the number of frameworks we have to test thereby reducing the time it
takes to verify releases. If 1.0 is needed by a sufficiently large number
of users, we are willing to re-evaluate this decision.

* ICSharpCode ZipLib is no longer used by the connector and is no longer
being distributed with it.

The installer for this release installs the assembly into the Global
Assembly Cache (GAC) without giving you an option to not do this. In
the GA release (1.0.9), the installer will include an option to not register
the provider in the GAC.

Also, the installer attempts to install both 1.1 and 2.0 binaries into
the respective GAC. If you do not have both frameworks installed, the
installer will give an error. This will be fixed in the final product but for
now you can work around this by doing a custom install and choosing the version of the driver for the framework you want to install.