Eventum 1.7.0がリリースされました。



Eventumは、MySQL AB社の技術サポートチームで使用され、劇的にレスポンス時間を改善することを可能にしました。我々のダウンロードページhttp://dev.mysql.com/downloads/other/eventum/やミラーサイトから,ソースの形で、現在Eventum1.7.0のダウンロードが可能であること を発表できることを誇りに思います。

現時点では、すべてのミラーサイトがアップデートされているとは限らないことに注 意してください。もし、あるミラーサイトにこのバージョンが見あたらなければ、後でもう一度やってみるか、別のダウンロードサイトを選択してください。

依存のEventumソフトウェアをアップグレードする方法については、UPGRADEファイルを説明書として参照ください。はじめてEventumをインストールすることについて は、INSTALLファイルを説明書として読んでください。


- Added feature to support custom fields with dynamic option lists (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with highlight quoted replies plugin with handling line separators (Bryan, Elan Ruusamae)
- Fixed bug with displaying values from multiple option custom fields (Bug #12494) (Bryan)
- Added feature to allow custom fields to store date values (Bryan)
- Added URL parameter to specify the project to switch to when loading a page (Bryan)
- Added constants to allow default user preferences to be configured (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with error checking on anonymous report form (Bryan)
- Changed Authorization code to redirect using 'Location' header for all servers except IIS (Bug #13051) (Bryan)
- Changed FAQ screen to use created date when last updated date is empty (Bryan)
- Changed associate note feature to not change subject when associating with an issue (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with updating priorities (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with parsing multiple or invalid email addresses (Bryan)
- Fixed the SCM checkin code to properly update the last action date field for an issue (Joao)
- Fixed a problem with the IRC bot that would prevent it from working under PHP5 (Joao)
- Fixed a bug in which inactive users would still show up when sending emails and choosing Cc: recipients (Joao)
- Added a workaround to a Windows-only Time zone related bug that would trigger a crash in Apache in certain circumstances (Joao)
- Fixed bug with expandable tables on recent activity report (Bryan)
- Fixed bug on custom fields report that prevent custom fields with backends from being displayed (Bryan)
- Updated Eventum to be compatible with MySQL 5.0 (Bryan)
- Added feature to add attachments from notes as internal only files (Joao)
- Added Subject based routing (Bryan; special thanks to Tibor Gellert)
- Added feature to allow recipient flags on all notes/emails sent from Eventum even if routing is disabled (Eliot Blennerhassett, Bryan)
- Added feature to handle email messages that don't have a Message-ID header set (Bryan)
- Added new 'Stalled Issues' report (Bryan)
- Updated the fulltext search routine to properly use UNIONs and allow MySQL to use the proper indexes when searching (Joao)
- Fixed bug on the RSS feed script to avoid an error condition when no issues could be found for a particular saved search (Joao)
- Fixed bug that reset Administrator's permission level (Bryan)
- Changed list.php to use relative instead of absolute URL (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with custom fields not showing up on new issue email from anonymous report form (Bryan)
- Added new workflow method to notify additional email addresses when a new issue is created (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with updating custom fields for projects with single quotes in their name (Bryan)
- Added code to prevent caching of csv export page (Bryan)
- Added priority and category to bulk update (Bryan)