MySQL 4.0.26 がリリースされました。


最も普及しているオープンソースデータベース管理システムである MySQL 4.0.26 がリリースされました。






Functionality added or changed:

* Added the mysql_get_client_version C API function to the embedded server library. (It was present in the regular client library but inadvertently omitted from the embedded library.)
  (Bug #10266 (http://bugs.mysql.com/10266))

Bugs fixed:

* An optimizer estimate of zero rows for a non-empty InnoDB table used in a left or right join could cause incomplete rollback for the table. (Bug #12779 (http://bugs.mysql.com/12779))
* Query cache is switched off if a thread (connection) has tables locked. This prevents invalid results where the locking thread inserts values between a second thread connecting and selecting from the table. (Bug #12385 (http://bugs.mysql.com/12385))
* For PKG installs on Mac OS X, the preinstallation and postinstallation scripts were being run only for new installations and not for upgrade installations, resulting in an incomplete installation process. (Bug #11380 (http://bugs.mysql.com/11380))
* On Windows, applications that used the embedded server made it not possible to remove certain files in the data directory, even after the embedded server had been shut down. This occurred because a file descriptor was being held open. (Bug #12177 (http://bugs.mysql.com/12177))
* Creation of the mysql group account failed during the RPM installation. (Bug #12348 (http://bugs.mysql.com/12348))
* Attempting to repair a table having a fulltext index on a column containing words whose length exceeded 21 characters and where myisam_repair_threads was greater than 1 would crash the server. (Bug #11684 (http://bugs.mysql.com/11684))
* When two threads compete for the same table, a deadlock could occur if one thread has also a lock on another table through LOCK TABLES and the thread is attempting to remove the table in some manner and the other thread want locks on both tables. (Bug #10600 (http://bugs.mysql.com/10600))