Eventum 1.5.5 がリリースされました。


Eventumは、サポート部門で届いたテクニカルサポート要求を追跡するために使われたり、ソフトウェア開発チームでタスクとバグを素早くまとめたりするために使われるユーザーフレンドリーで柔軟な問題追跡システムです。Eventumは、MySQL AB社の技術サポートチームで使用され、劇的にレスポンス時間を改善することを可能にしました。





- Fixed the issue details page to properly escape the summary of associated issues (Bug #10464) (Joao)
- Fixed the link activation code to properly parse and ignore certain words (Bug #10263) (Joao)
- Added a feature to automatically enable/disable the full-text search feature on the installation procedure (Joao)
- Improved the installation routines to properly display the full path to potential missing files (Joao)
- Updated Example Customer API to handle expired customers (Bryan)
- Fixed bug that caused links in FAQ entries to be mangled (Bryan)
- Fixed a bug on the workflow API so that it will only list backend files with filenames ending in .php (Elan Ruusamae)
- Added a check on the link filter feature to avoid double parsing for urls (Elan Ruusamae)
- Fixed bug with full-text searching under MySQL 4.1 (Bryan)
- Fixed email routing where domain portion was not properly verified (Elan Ruusamae)
- Added Expected Resolution Date field to list issues page (Bryan)
- Changed the recent activity report to properly escape values in query (Bryan)
- Fixed issue summaries escaping on weekly report to prevent XSS (Elan Ruusamae)
- Fixed bug that that didn't mark issue as updated when adding a time entry (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with CLI command 'open-issues' (Bryan)
- Fixed the database schema file to properly set the table types to MyISAM (Joao)
- Merged the fix for the security hole on the PEAR XML_RPC package (Joao)
- Fixed the custom field handling code to properly escape HTML values (Joao)
- Fixed the advanced search screen to properly save the 'authorized to email' / 'notification list' options (Joao)
- Added a validation check to the installation screen for the sender address (Joao)
- Changed the preferences screen to not allow customers to edit their personal details (Joao)
- Removed references to the missing 'cst_use_fulltext' database field (Joao)
- Fixed the auto-link feature to properly recognize URLs with pipes in them (Elan Ruusamae)
- Added a new Workflow API method to be triggered when SCM commits are made (Elan Ruusamae)
- Fixed the IRC bot to automatically re-join the channels when it reconnects (Joao, Elan Ruusamae)
- Improved the Workflow::handleIssueClosed API to receive all arguments related to an issue being closed (Elan Ruusamae)
- Fixed bug with spell checker (Bryan)