MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.5 betaがリリースされました


>MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5はMySQL用のピュアPythonデータベースドライバです。これは最初のベータリリースであり、ユーザに新機能や変更をたらします。

このリリースは完全に機能しますが、非GAリリースであるため本番環境での利用はお勧めできません。MySQL Connector Pythonのバージョン1.0はMySQL 5.5以上と互換性も持ちますが、それ以前のバージョンでも動作します(バージョン4.1以上)。

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5(beta)はhttp://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/python/#downloadsからダウンロード可能です(注意:必ずしもすべてのミラーサイトが更新されているわけではありません)。

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0での変更の要約は下記にリストアップされています。より完全な変更のリストは配布物内の変更履歴を確認してください。

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.5

This section documents changes and Bug  fixes that have been applied
in MySQL Connector/Python since the development release v0.3.2.

Functionality Added or Changed:

* Adding support for time values with a fractional seconds part. A 
  new example script microseconds.py was added to show this 

* Refactored the modules connection and protocol and created a new
  module network. The MySQLProtocol does not keep a reference to the
  connection object any more and deals only with creating and parsing
  MySQL packets. Network interaction is now done by the
  MySQLConnection objects (with the exception of

* Added MySQLConnection.reconnect() which used to reconnect to the
  MySQL server. It accepts number of retries and a delay between

* Added descriptive error codes for both client and server errors in
  the module errorcode. A new sub-package locales has been added,
  which currently only support English client error messages.

* Added SQLMode class in the constants module, making it easier to use

* Incompatible Change: The MySQLConnection.ping() method raises an
  InterfaceError when the MySQL server is not available. It can also 
  optinally reconnect and accepts the same arguments as the
  reconnect() method.

* Incompatible Change: The MySQLConnection.is_connect() method now
  returns True or False. It can be used to simply check whether a
  connection is available or not.

* Incompatible Change: MySQLCursor.execute() does not return anything
  for single statement operations. Sending multiple statements will
  result in a generator object to be returned by
  MySQLCursor.execute(). The MySQLCursor.next_resultset() became
  obsolete and was removed and the MySQLCursor.next_proc_result()
  method has been renamed to MySQLCursor.proc_results(), which
  returns a generator object. The MySQLCursor.with_rows property can
  be used to check if a result could return rows. The
  multiple_resultset.py example script shows how to go through
  results produced by sending multiple statements. (Bug #14208326)

* Incompatible Change: The method MySQLConnection.set_charset() has
  been removed and replaced by MySQLConnection.set_charset_collation()
  to simplify setting and retrieving character set and collation
  information. The MySQLConnection properties collation and charset
  are now read-only. (Bug #14260052)

* Incompatible Change: The MySQLConnection methods unset_client_flag()
  and set_client_flag() have been removed. Use the set_client_flags()
  method instead using a sequence. (Bug #14259996)

Bug  Fixes:

* Fixed MySQLCursor.executemany() when INSERT statements use the
  'ON DUPLICATE KEY'-clause with a function like VALUES().
  (Bug #14259954, Bug #65678)

* Fixed cursor.CursorBase attributes description, lastrowid and
  rowcount to be read-only properties. (Bug #14231160)

* Fixed and refactored mysql.connector.errors module. (Bug #14039339)

* Fixed MySQLCursor.description so column names are Unicode.
  (Bug #13792575)

* Fixed automatic garbage collection which caused memory usage to grow
  over time. (Bug #13435186)

* Fixed setting time zone for current MySQL session. (Bug #13395083)

* Fixed handling of errors after authentication for Python v3.
  (Bug #13364285)


The documentation is still being developed, and is included in the
distribution under the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and Bug  reports: