MySQL Community Server 5.1.60 がリリースされました


最も普及しているオープンソースデータベース管理システムの新バージョンMySQL Community Server 5.1.60がリリースされました。MySQL 5.1.60は、プロダクションシステムでの使用をお勧めします。

MySQL 5.1の新機能の概要については、以下を参照してください。


新たなサーバにMySQL 5.1.60をインストール、または以前のMySQLリリースからMySQL 5.1.60にアップグレードする際の情報については、以下を参照してください。







MySQL 5.1に関するオープンな問題の情報については、以下のエラッタリストを参照してください。




D.1.1. Changes in MySQL 5.1.60 (16 November, 2011)

    Functionality Added or Changed

      * Upgrading from an Advanced GPL RPM package to an Advanced RPM
        package did not work. Now on Linux it is possible to use rpm
        -U to replace any installed MySQL product by any other of the
        same release family. It is not necessary to remove the old
        produce with rpm -e first. (Bug #11886309)

      * MEMORY table creation time is now available in the CREATE_TIME
        column of the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES table and the
        Create_time column of SHOW TABLE STATUS output. (Bug #51655,
        Bug #11759349)

    Bugs Fixed

      * InnoDB Storage Engine: This fix improves the performance of
        instrumentation code for InnoDB buffer pool operations. (Bug
        #12950803, Bug #62294)

      * InnoDB Storage Engine: Data from BLOB columns could be lost if
        the server crashed at a precise moment when other columns were
        being updated in an InnoDB table. (Bug #12704861)

      * InnoDB Storage Engine: Lookups using secondary indexes could
        give incorrect matches under a specific set of conditions. The
        conditions involve an index defined on a column prefix, for a
        BLOB or other long column stored outside the index page, with
        a table using the Barracuda file format. (Bug #12601439)

      * InnoDB Storage Engine: This fix corrects cases where the MySQL
        server could hang or abort with a long semaphore wait message.
        (This is a different issue than when these symptoms occurred
        during a CHECK TABLE statement.) (Bug #11766591, Bug #59733)

      * Replication: Issuing the following statements, in the order
        shown, could cause a deadlock between the user thread and I/O
        (Bug #11878104)
        See also Bug #44312, Bug #11752963, Bug #38715, Bug #38716.

      * Internal conversion of zero to binary and back could yield a
        result with incorrect precision. (Bug #12911710)

      * Valgrind warnings generated by filesort operations were fixed.
        (Bug #12856915)

      * Several improvements were made to the libedit library bundled
        with MySQL distributions, and that is available for all
        platforms that MySQL supports except Windows.

           + Navigation keys did not work for UTF-8 input.

           + Word navigation and delete operations did not work for
             UTF-8 input with Cyrillic characters.

           + Nonlatin characters were corrupted in overwrite mode for
             UTF-8 input.

           + Long queries caused the statement history file to become

           + The Alt key caused history operations to fail.
        (Bug #12605400, Bug #12613725, Bug #12618092, Bug #12624155,
        Bug #12617651, Bug #12605388)

      * The help message for mysql_install_db did not indicate that it
        supports the --defaults-file, --defaults-extra-file and
        --no-defaults options. (Bug #58898, Bug #11765888)

      * An assertion designed to detect zero-length sort keys also was
        raised when the entire key set fit in memory. (Bug #58200, Bug

      * myisampack could create corrupt FULLTEXT indexes when
        compressing tables. (Bug #53646, Bug #11761180)

      * OPTIMIZE TABLE could corrupt MyISAM tables if myisam_use_mmap
        was enabled. (Bug #49030, Bug #11757032)

      * If MySQL was configured with --without-plugin-innobase and
        --with-plugin-innodb_plugin, to suppress building the built-in
        InnoDB storage engine and build the InnoDB Plugin instead, the
        innochecksum utility was not built. (Bug #47337, Bug

      * A linking problem prevented the FEDERATED storage engine
        plugin from loading. (Bug #40942, Bug #11750417)

      * On Fedora, certain accesses to /var/lib/mysql/HOSTNAME.err
        were blocked by SELinux policy, which made the server fail at
        startup with the message: Manager of pid-file quit without
        updating file (Bug #37165, Bug #12927740)

      * For FEDERATED tables, loss of connection to the remote table
        during some insert operations could cause a server crash. (Bug
        #34660, Bug #11747970)