MySQL Community Server 5.5.48がリリースされました


MySQL Community Server 5.5.48は世界でもっともポピュラーなオープンソースデータベースの5.5のプロダクトリリースの新しいバージョンです。MySQL 5.5.48はプロダクションシステムでの使用をお勧めします。

MySQL 5.5は最新のマルチCPUやマルチコアハードウェアやオペレーティングシステムの利点を生かし、MySQLデータベースのパフォーマンスとスケーラビリ ティを改善するための影響の大きい変更をいくつか含んでいます。現在ではInnoDBがMySQLデータベースのデフォルトのストレージエンジンであり、 ACIDトランザクション、参照整合性、クラッシュリカバリをデフォルトで提供しています。

MySQL 5.5は以下の多くの新しい強化も含んでいます:

   - Windowsにおける特有の機能と改善を利用した著しいパフォーマンス向上
   - 新しい準同期レプリケーションとレプリケーションハートビートによるより高いレベルの可用性
   - 改善されたインデックスとテーブルパーティショニング、SIGNAL/RESIGNALサポート、そして新しいPERFORMANCE_SCHEMAに含まれる強化された診断法による改善されたユーザビリティ

MySQL 5.5の新機能のより完全な概観については、以下のリソースを参照下さい。

MySQL 5.5 GA、Tomas Ulinのインタビュー:




ホワイトペーパー: MySQL 5.5の新機能


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新しいサーバへMySQL 5.5.48をインストールする情報として、以下のMySQLのインストールドキュメントを参照してください。




MySQL 5.5.48は、http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/とミラーサイトのダウンロード・ページから、ソースコード及び多くのプラットフォームのためのバイナリで現在利用可能です。

次の節では、MySQL 5.5の以前のバージョンからのMySQLソースコードの変更を記載しています。これはオンラインでも閲覧できます。

    Changes in MySQL 5.5.48 (2016-02-05)

     * Functionality Added or Changed

     * Bugs Fixed

   Functionality Added or Changed

     * yaSSL was upgraded to version 2.3.9. This upgrade
       corrects an issue in which yaSSL handled only cases of
       zero or one leading zeros for the key agreement instead
       of potentially any number, which in rare cases could
       cause connections to fail when using DHE cipher suites.
       (Bug #22361038)

     * The Valgrind function signature in
       mysql-test/valgrind.supp was upgraded for Valgrind 3.11.
       (Bug #22214867)

   Bugs Fixed

     * Replication: When DML invokes a trigger or a stored
       function that inserts into an AUTO_INCREMENT column, that
       DML has to be marked as an unsafe statement. If the
       tables are locked in the transaction prior to the DML
       statement (for example by using LOCK TABLES), then the
       DML statement was not being marked as an unsafe
       statement. The fix ensures that such DML statements are
       marked correctly as unsafe. (Bug #17047208)

     * Replication: DROP TABLE statements are regenerated by the
       server before being written to the binary log. If a table
       or database name contained a non-regular character, such
       as non-latin characters, the regenerated statement was
       using the wrong name, breaking replication. The fix
       ensures that in such a case the regenerated name is
       correctly converted back to the original character set.
       Also during work on this bug, it was discovered that in
       the rare case that a table or database name contained 64
       characters, the server was throwing an assert(M_TBLLEN <
       128) assertion. The assertion has been corrected to be
       less than or equal 128. (Bug #77249, Bug #21205695)
       References: See also Bug #78036, Bug #22261585, Bug

     * Data corruption could occur if a stored procedure had a
       variable declared as TEXT or BLOB and data was copied to
       that variable using SELECT ... INTO syntax from a TEXT or
       BLOB column. (Bug #22232332)

     * CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE .. SELECT statements involving BIT
       columns that resulted in a column type redefinition could
       cause a server exit or an improperly created table. (Bug

     * Added Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 support. Changes
       include using the native (added in VS 2015) timespec
       library if it exists, renamed lfind/lsearch and
       timezone/tzname to avoid redefinition problems, set
       TMPDIR to "" by default as P_tmpdir no longer exists,
       deprecated std::hash_map in favor of std::unordered_map,
       and added Wix Toolset 3.10 support. (Bug #21770366)
       References: See also Bug #21657078.

     * When an invalid date was supplied to the UNIX_TIMESTAMP()
       function using the STR_TO_DATE() function, no check was
       performed before converting it to a timestamp value. (Bug

     * With LOCK TABLES in force, an attempt to open a temporary
       MERGE table consisting of a view in its list of tables
       (not the last table in the list) caused a server exit.
       (Bug #20691429)

     * For certain prepared statements, the optimizer could
       transform join conditions such that it used a pointer to
       a temporary table field that was no longer available
       after the initial execution. Subsequent executions caused
       a server exit. (Bug #19941403)

     * Repeated execution of ALTER TABLE v1 CHECK PARTITION as a
       prepared statement, where v1 is a view, led to a server
       In addition, output for some administrative operations,
       when they are attempted on a view, changes from "Corrupt"
       to "Operation failed". These include ANALYZE TABLE,
       statements that perform ANALYZE PARTITION, CHECK
       operations. (Bug #19817021)

     * Using systemd to start mysqld failed if configuration
       files contained multiple datadir lines. Now the last
      datadir line is used. (Bug #79613, Bug #22361702)

On behalf of Oracle MySQL Release Engineering Team,
Gipson Pulla